City Highlights Strategic Priorities Progress in 2019 Annual Report

Published on: 2020/02/20 - in News

The City of Kingston has announced its 2019 Annual Report highlighting progress on 28 goals intended to advance the five strategic priorities set by Council for 2019-2022 is now online.

Offering updates on efforts, key stories and infographics to provide an overview of City’s performance in 2019, the report can be found at this City of Kingston page.

“I am proud of the progress that we have made so far, and I look forward to the challenges ahead as we continue to work together to grow our community,” said Lanie Hurdle, Chief Administrative Officer, in a release.

Key stories highlighting work in each of the five strategic-priority areas in 2019, as posted by the City, include:

Demonstrating leadership on climate action:

  • New Community Centre to be near “Net-Zero”
  • Working Group on Climate Action identifies quick wins in ICI sector
  • Developing a strategy to address Kingston’s climate emergency

Increasing housing affordability:

  • Planning to pursue intensification
  • City and KFHC open new affordable housing at 645 Brock St.
  • Vacancy rate increases
  • City to provide up to $18 million for 90 affordable units
  • Mayor’s Task Force on Housing starts its work

Improving walkability, roads and transportation:

  • 2019 Road Improvement Projects map
  • Implementing the Active Transportation Master Plan
  •  Launching Safe Routes to School Program

Strengthening economic opportunities:

  • Promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace
  • Attracting talent

Fostering healthy citizens and vibrant spaces:

  • Beautifying Kingston’s waterfronts – and shoring them up
  • Working toward reconciliation in Kingston

The Annual Report also features a ‘Kingston-at-a-glance’ page with 13 infographics celebrating City 2019 achievements and awards, 20 infographics highlighting per-priority achievements, and messages from Mayor Bryan Paterson, CAO Hurdle and Desiree Kennedy, the City’s Chief Financial Officer and City Treasurer.

Track progress on Council’s 2019-2022 strategic priorities

Photo: Marcus Jeffrey (cc)