The City and Sustainable Kingston Launch ‘Plastic-Free Summer’ Challenge

Published on: 2019/07/04 - in News

The City of Kingston and Sustainable Kingston is inviting the community to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics by taking the Plastic-Free Summer Challenge from July 4 to September 4.

“Summer is a busy time. People are on the go, and single-use plastics seem like an easy option. Through this campaign, we will highlight simple ways to reduce single-use plastic waste,” says Kristin Mullin, the executive director of Sustainable Kingston, adding that the goal of the Plastic-Free Summer Challenge is to share ideas and inspire action.

Individuals, families, businesses, workplaces can all take part in the event. “We hope the habits people develop through this challenge will remain with them year-round,” said Mullin.

Registering and participating in the challenge also qualifies to have your name entered into a weekly draw for a chance to win prizes.

To participate – and have a chance at a prize – register at Sustainable Kingston’s Plastic Free page, take steps to reduce your use of single-use plastics, then share your actions and tips using #PlasticFreeYGK on social media and tagging @SustainableKtwn.

Single-use plastics, commonly referred to as SUPS, are normally used only once before being discarded. Because of their use, size or materials, they are not easily recycled. These are items like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, coffee pods, and take-out and retail food packaging.

Photo: Pixabay (cc)