Make Your Nominations Now for the 2019 Celebrating Accessibility Awards

Published on: 2019/09/10 - in News

The City of Kingston and the municipal accessibility advisory committee (MAAC) has announced that nominations for the 2019 Celebrating Accessibility Awards are now being accepted.

“The Celebrating Accessibility Awards is the City’s way to recognize how Kingston’s residents, businesses and organizations go above and beyond to remove barriers, foster inclusivity and increase engagement for those with disabilities,” said Janet Jaynes, deputy city clerk. “The positive impacts of an accessible Kingston benefit everyone in our community.”

Nominees can be made for one of the following categories:

  • Education: A teacher or other individual who creates an accessible learning environment.
  • Employment: An organization, business and/or individual who demonstrates flexible and respectful integration of people with disabilities.
  • Recreation: An organization, business and/or individual who creates welcoming and inclusive recreational opportunities for everyone by eliminating barriers to participation
  • Customer Service: An organization, business and/or individual who are leaders in providing exceptional customer service to people with disabilities.
  • Built Environment: A building, interior, or outdoor space purposely designed, modified or renovated to eliminate barriers and/or enhance access for people with disabilities.
  • Volunteer: A volunteer who makes significant contribution to improving access and community involvement for people with disabilities.
  • Youth: A youth, 25 years or younger, who makes an outstanding contribution to increase the active engagement and participation of people with disabilities.

Established in 2011, the Celebrating Accessibility Awards recognizes members of the Kingston community who help make the city more accessible for everyone. This year’s awards will be presented to recipients at a City Hall ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 5.

Additional information and nomination forms – due by 4pm on Wednesday, Oct. 10 – can be found at the City of Kingston’s Access Awards page.

Photo: Nick Youngson (cc)