2018 Kingston Sheep Dog Trial Winners Announced

Published on: 2018/08/13 - in News

The 31st annual Kingston Sheep Dog Trials took place this weekend and the winner of the competition was Grant, a border collie owned by Barbara Ray of Big Bend Farm in Millboro, Va., with a score of 261.

Grant squeaked out a win over Sway, the border collie owned by Diane Deal from Greenleaf, Idaho’s Orchard Run Bordier Collies, who also earned 261 points.

According to a release, that tie was broken by factoring in each dog’s total in their respective outruns, lifts and fetches. Grant and his owner had the least amount of points off in their gather and were therefore handed the win.

Close in points to these top competitors was border collie Feist, owned by Mary Minor of Dayton, Nevada, who came in third with 257 points. Feist was also the third place finisher at the 2017 Kingston Sheep Dog Trials, coincidentally with the exact same score as this year’s winner.

The August 10-12 event took place at Grass Creek Park and featured additional attractions that included Kingston Police K-9 Unit demonstrations, horsemanship demonstrations by the Horseman’s Way, and the Rideau River Dock Dogs competition and demonstrations.

To see full results of this week’s competition – and future updates for the 2019 Kingston Sheep Dog Trials – go to KingstonSheepdogTrials.com.

For more information about the 2018 Trials, check out this video by the City of Kingston:

[Updated: City of Kingston photos tweet added]

Photo: Flickr (cc)