Kingston’s Giveaway Day is this Saturday, June 19

Published on: 2021/06/14 - in News

The Kingston community is invited to take part in “Giveaway Day” this Saturday by putting out reusable items that are no longer wanted so interested neighbours can pick it up for themselves.

The City is promoting the June 19th event as one of the ways it is working to help meet its goal to divert household waste from ending up in landfill.

“Giveaway Days reduce waste. When you pick up free second-hand items, you not only save them from landfill – you also reduce the waste associated with the packaging and greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing new goods. Giving away items also helps your neighbours save money,” said Raymond Garner, Director of Solid Waste.

You can share pictures of your Giveaway Day items on Twitter using the hashtag #WasteNotYGK and #YGK. The City reminds residents to ensure they maintain physical distance and wear a face covering as needed when putting out/collecting items on Giveaway Day.

The City has provided the following guidelines for Giveway Day:

Only set out appropriate items that you know someone else might want.

  • Appropriate: books, CDs, DVDs, furniture and small appliances, electronics, construction materials (including drywall, lumber, hardware), kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans and, yes, unwanted gifts.
  • Inappropriate: the Consumer Product Safety Bureau of Health Canada advises that these items should not be given away (or picked-up): baby walkers, cribs, car seats, strollers, playpens, bath seats, mattresses, blinds and toys.

How to put items out:

  • Place items at the curb in front of your home.
  • Place stickers or signs on the items with the word ‘FREE.’
  • Ensure any items that you do not want taken are kept away from items placed at the curb.
  • At the end of the day, bring any uncollected items back in to your home. The City will not collect unwanted items left at the curb. Consider donating them to a charity.

How to pick items up:

  • Respect other people’s property: don’t walk on people’s lawns or gardens.
  • Take only the items marked ‘FREE’ and placed at the curb.
  • Don’t leave previously picked up items on the curb at other people’s property.

Photo: PXhere (cc)