Starter Company Program to Help Young Kingston Entrepreneurs

Published on: 2014/07/18 - in Featured News

This week, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) announced the launch of Starter Company, a new Ontario Government funded program.

Starter Company is part of the Government of Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy that KEDCO is facilitating for the Kingston area.

The program is available to young adults between the ages of 18-29 years old who will not be returning to school and provides them with training, business skills development and mentoring from local business leaders.

Starter Company participants are also eligible to receive up to $5,000 in grant money if they can contribute at least 25% of the grant amount in cash or in kind, as well as having the ability to invest 35 hours per week into their business.

“KEDCO is excited to be working with the Government of Ontario to facilitate the Starter Company program to the Kingston region,” said the Manager of KEDCO’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship Office, Mark Hanley, in a release. “The program will allow youth access to various training programs including writing a business plan, budget planning and executing a marketing plan. These workshops along with one-on-one consultations will give them the skills and knowledge needed to get their business off of the ground.”

KEDCO is already begun to accept inquiries and applications for Starter Company, and notes that spaces for the program are limited.

For more information on the Starter Company program, contact Coordinator Ella Vanderburgt by email at or by calling 613-544-2725 ext. 7222 .

Logo source: KEDCO | Homepage photo: Marcus Jeffrey