Members of Parliament Name Ted Hsu “Best Represents Constituents”

Published on: 2013/11/28 - in Featured News

Kingston & the Islands MP Ted Hsu has again been honoured as one of the top Members of Parliament.

Maclean’s has announced winners from the 2013 Parliamentarians of the Year awards where Hsu was named “Best Represents Constituents” in a vote by his peers.

In its article listing award recipients at the 7th annual event,  Maclean’s described how his constituents are always at the forefront of Hsu’s mind:

Making a two-hour drive door-to-door from his constituency office to his desk on the Hill, Hsu regularly cites examples from his riding when debating national issues.

“If you see some of my blogs, I recently wrote about federal funding for affordable housing, but brought it back to the city of Kingston’s budget,” he says.

“The constituency work takes precedence over the work in Ottawa,” Hsu says. “You have to listen to the people in the riding and get to know them.”

Ted Hsu, who holds the Liberal critic role for science and technology, post-secondary education, and economic development in Ontario, has been recognized at each year’s event since being elected in 2011.

In his inaugural year, Hsu was named the first runner up for the “Rookie of the Year” award, and at the 2012 ceremony he won first runner up in the “Rising Star” category.

Also at the 2013 Parliamentarian Awards, former Kingston & the Islands MP and Speaker of the House of Commons Peter Milliken received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Award recipients are determined by an Ipsos Reid poll of all members of Parliament, who nominate the best MPs in each of seven categories, with MPs casting votes for members both in and outside their own parties. After these votes are converted to a point system, to ensure that larger parties do not have an advantage, the MP who received the most points in each category wins.

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