StayblCam May Rid the World of Shaky Smartphone Video (Updated)

Published on: 2014/05/29 - in Featured Science & Tech

Shaky, nausea-inducing mobile phone videos may soon be a thing of the past with a new, patent-pending device that allows amateur videographers to record smooth panning videos every time.

StayblCam tackles the common problem of jittering video that can be caused by unsteady, shaky hands as well as the difficulty in getting a smooth recording when the camera is moved around. It can significantly improve video stabilization for iPhone, smart phones, and compact action cameras like the popular GoPro.

UPDATE : The StayblCam can now be pre-ordered on its Kickstarter campaign page with special prices and packages available to choose from.

The StayblCam is far less expensive than the professional stabilizers used for heavier cameras which often require an understanding of counterbalance and the adjustment of screws and rigs. It also allows for better quality video than what is produced by integrated stabilization found in some cameras and is quicker and easier than using software to smooth out a shaky recording.

Virtually any smartphone will work as long as they fit into the mount by not exceeding more than 18mm thickness (11/16 inches). And compact cameras are also compatible if they have the universal 1/4″ tripod mount screw built-in – or if they can be fitted with a tripod mount – and don’t weigh more than 300 grams (approx 11 ox) to allow for proper balance.

While essentially all smartphones and compact cameras will benefit from StayblCam, it may be in the realm of 3D videography, where smooth video is especially important, that benefits most.

Interest and advances in 3D photography (and later video) has surged and ebbed since at least the days of the American Civil War. And upcoming releases of the much-anticipated 3D VR Oculus Rift and Amazon smartphone featuring advanced 3D display may herald a new era of amateur 3D media.

Currently available smartphones capable of filming and displaying 3D video can utilize the StayblCam (ie. the LG Optimus 3D P920 and HTC EVO 3D) as can a variety of 3D cameras, including the Fuji W3.

The Kingston Herald – having tested a variety of 3D formats for articles in 2010 and 2011 – contacted Eskil Nordhaug, creator of the StayblCam, about the benefits of using his device for filming in 3D.

“The StayblCam is a great companion for both current and upcoming 3D cameras and smart phones,” said Nordhaug. “The added stability provided by the StayblCam adds another level of realism to 3D videos, since the element of jittering is greatly reduced.”

According to a media release, StayblCam has been specifically created for the average consumer and has a price-tag to match. It’s simple to use, features an eye-catching design with a collapsible, umbrella-like format that makes the device portable and convenient to take along anywhere.

For more information you can check out their video below and also visit the StayblCam website, follow them on Twitter, or visit their Facebook page.

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