Learn to Build a Pet Waste Composter at Free Workshop

Published on: 2014/07/03 - in Featured Releases

Utilities Kingston invites pet owners to participate in the Pet Waste Composter – Water Wise Workshop, intended to help them manage pet waste, protect our waterways and divert waste from landfill. Participants will build a pet waste composter that they can take home with them.

“We know that a lot of people are interested in composting their pet’s waste, but they aren’t sure how to go about it in a way that is safe for the environment and the watershed. We want to help you do this right,” said Steve Sottile, Conservation Officer, in a release.

Wastewater treatment infrastructure is not designed to handle the pathogens in pet waste, so it should never be flushed or left where rain and melting snow can carry it into the lakes and rivers from which we draw water for treatment. Most simply throw pet waste in the garbage – but consider that the average family dog can contribute 100 pounds of waste to the municipal waste collecting system each year.

The second workshop takes place in the Utilities Kingston Water Conservation Garden on Saturday, July 5 from 1-3 p.m. The garden is located at 1211 John Counter Boulevard.

Registration is required and there is no fee to attend the workshop. However, if you wish to take a pet waste composter home with you, there is a nominal charge of $35.00 to cover material costs.

To register for the Pet Waste Composter – Water Wise Workshop, call 613-546-0000 and say “conservation”, email conservation@utilitieskingston.com, or contact Hearthmakers Energy Cooperative at 613-547-8122 or by emailing outreach@hearthmakers.org.

For information on additional Water Wise Workshops taking place in the conservation garden this summer, visit utilitieskingston.com.

Release source: City of Kingston | PhotoJohn Goode (cc)