Renew Your Pet Licences with DocuPet

Published on: 2016/03/23 - in Featured Releases

It’s time to renew your pet licences. If your pet was licensed last year, look for your licence renewal notice in the mail, and go online to <>  to complete your renewal.

“Pet owners renewing their licences will notice that the City’s partnership with DocuPet has added a lot of value to our pet licensing program. DocuPet offers a way to instantly share photos of your missing animal to the local community through their lost pet program. Plus, you can get local deals with your rewards card – and they aren’t just pet-related deals,” says Paige Agnew, director, planning, building and licensing.

She notes that the deals offered through the rewards card can be used to help offset the price of a pet licence and to encourage more people to license their pets. This helps keep more pets out of the pound and in the arms of their loved ones.

Many pet owners have licensed their pets for the first time since the City of Kingston introduced its DocuPet partnership earlier this year as part of its responsible pet ownership program.

Below are the benefits that the new online system offers to pet owners who license their animal(s):

– Pet tags to allow your pet to be identified. The City’s Bylaw to Regulate Animals requires dogs living in any part of Kingston and all cats living in the city’s urban area to be licensed. Your dog must have a valid pet tag to use the City’s off-leash dog parks. You can now request the size of tag you prefer for your animal.

– An online account. This account allows you to enter and manage your pet’s details – including photos of your pet – and your own contact information.

– Exclusive access to the lost pet program. If your pet goes missing, you can use your online account to notify the “Lost Pet Brigade”– including the City’s animal control team, the pound service and participating local pet owners who have opted-in to receive lost pet notifications.

– DocuPet Rewards program. When you license your pet, you receive two rewards cards you can use to get local discounts and/or deals.

– Your pet licence is now valid for 365 days from the date that it is renewed.

– Trusted online advice for pet owners.

You can also renew your pet licences at 1211 John Counter Blvd., City Hall, the Kingston Humane Society at 1 Binnington Ct., participating local veterinary clinics and pet stores.

Release source: City of Kingston | Photo: via Flickr (cc)