Open Air Burning Ban Issued for Kingston

Published on: 2015/05/08 - in Featured News

A ban on open air burning has been issued by Kingston Fire & Rescue due to recent dry and windy weather.

As a result, no open air burning is permitted within the city limits while the ban is in effect, and violators face potential fines of up to $50,000 as well as possible liability for fire-suppression costs.

“The weather forecast is showing continued generally dry conditions with little precipitation predicted for the area, so there is a higher risk of fire,” said assistant chief, Paul Patry, in a release.

Patry added that although green grass can be seen throughout the city, the dryness in Kingston’s rural areas still poses a very significant risk of fire. In their release, Kingston Fire & Rescue stated they “will watch to see what develops in the next few weeks”.

The ban does not include household barbeques by residents.

People living outside city limits are asked to contact their fire department for information on local restrictions and permits.

In recent days, Kingston Fire & Rescue has attended to a number of brush fires (see below), and Kingston Police charged a teenager who was apprehended by a citizen after setting a number of fires in the city’s north end.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons