McAdoo Landfill Site Reclamation Project Could Exceed $100 Million

Published on: 2011/12/21 - in Featured News

Blue Gold Beverages, Inc. announced that it is in negotiations to acquire the rights to the largest polymer reclamation project in North America, through its continued partnership with California Chemical Fiber Material Company.

The company is in the process of negotiating for the rights to the McAdoo landfill site near Kingston, where commercial grade polymer was buried in the 1970s by DuPont. Polymers that include Nylon, Teflon, Mylar, and Kevlar were invented by Dupont, and the polymers at the McAdoo landfill site –  once cleaned, reground and pelletized – is estimated to be worth $120,000,000 US.

Blue Gold Beverages is already familiar with the quality of these polymers, as it has previously sourced commercial grade nylon from the McKendry Landfill site, about 3km from the McAdoo landfill, which originated from the same Kingston Dupont facility.

According to a company release, McKendry landfill polymers have been extracted and successfully sold to the Asian market, and the company continues to negotiate similar deals around North America – including 16,000 metric tons of waste fiber from the Violet Road Landfill in Loyalist Township (Lennox & Addington County).

Blue Gold Beverages wholly owned subsidiary, TY Recycling – acquired at the end of last year – specializes in the cleaning, processing and recycling of thermoplastic polymers such as Polyethylene Terephthalate and Type 66 Nylon waste.