City to Measure, Evaluate Road Conditions in Kingston

Published on: 2011/11/01 - in Featured Science & Tech

A specially-equipped van (similarly outfitted as the one pictured here) is to be used to evaluate and measure over 900 km of Kingston’s roadways in the next few weeks.

The Road Surface Tester (RST) van will collect pavement inventory and condition data that includes measuring pavement roughness, rutting, cracking and other distress to street surfaces as it drives along city roads.  The RST will also be collecting digital images of the roadways and recording Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) information for plotting and verifying that data.

“As the roadway networks and infrastructure has become more extensive, so has the need for accurate information on these assets,” said Mark Van Buren, Director of Engineering. “The RST is an efficient and affordable way to do this field work and collect accurate and timely data to answer basic questions such as ‘How many signs do we have?,’ or ‘What’s the condition of our pavement in?'”

The RST being utilized in Kingston is a one-ton Ford van fitted with a modified front bumper containing laser sensors to determine measurements.  The accompanying GPS receivers will ensure the collected data is marked within centimetres of its location within the City.  The RST drives at posted speed limits while being operated by three field technicians and so will not hamper the flow of traffic while in use.

Every road within the City of Kingston will be surveyed by the RST van at least once during this data collection period.


Photo of vehicle: IMS, Infrastructure Management Services