Program Offers Two-Month Kingston Transit Pass to Newly Employed

Published on: 2014/07/21 - in Featured Releases

The City is partnering with local Employment Service Agencies to introduce the Transit Employment Program (TEP) – a pilot program that offers a free two-month Kingston Transit pass to help people get to and from new jobs.

“This is about getting people to work in Kingston. It can take a while to get a pay cheque after starting a new job and this is meant to help new hires get around during that initial period,” says Lanie Hurdle, Commissioner of Community Services. She encourages employers to inform new full-time and part-time employees about the free two-month bus pass.

Like other Municipal Fee Assistance programs, eligibility for the pass is determined using the low-income cut off (LICO). The chart is available at

Local Employment Service Agencies will help eligible individuals with identified job opportunities apply for the TEP bus pass, by:

– Helping the newly-employed individual determine if he/she qualifies for the pass.
– Filling out a referral form for the applicant to bring to Community & Family Services at 362 Montreal St.

Newly-employed Kingstonians – including those who did not use an Employment Service Agency to get their new jobs – may apply for the program at these participating agencies:

– CERC North, 806 Montreal St.
– St. Lawrence College Employment Service, 785 Midpark Dr./100 Portsmouth Ave.
– KEYS Job Centre, 182 Sydenham St.
– ACFOMI Employment Services, 760 Highway 15

Plan your bus trip with Google Transit at .

Release source: City of Kingston | Photo: Wikimedia Commons