Website Tool Helps Queen’s University Students Find Classrooms

Published on: 2013/01/07 - in Featured Science & Tech

Queen's Class Find websiteQueen’s University students beginning new courses this term will have an easier time finding their classes, thanks to a website developed to locate the best routes on campus.

Queen’s Class Find” was created this past summer by brothers Greg and Scott Simon, as a section of their “class find” series of websites and providing students with detailed directions to 126 classrooms at Queen’s University.

The Queen’s ClassFind homepage displays a customizable map of Queen’s University, with the default screen highlighting buildings that feature directions, and may come in particularly handy for students to refer to on smartphones while heading to their next class.

Users can also use the map to display wheelchair access points on campus, as well as food locations with links to find out when they’re open.

To get directions to their class, students select a building, the floor their class is on, and the classroom. The website then displays directions on how to get there, beginning by highlighting that building on the campus map.

The directions show photos for each step, with a green arrow superimposed on the photograph showing the user which way to go in that step.

The instructions include photographs of the exterior of the building, the main entrance, and the door of that classroom. Students who are more familiar with campus are able to skip steps in the directions if they choose to.

The sibling creators, graduates from the University of Western Ontario and Trent University, started the site because they had difficulty finding some classes during their undergraduate programs. Greg personally took the photographs used in the directions which are also offered as free computer wallpaper images on the website. also has sites and directions for University of Guelph, Trent University, and University of Western Ontario.

They can also be found on Facebook at and on Twitter as @ClassFind.


Image montage from QueensClassFind screencap and PhotoJohn Karakatsanis on Flickr