Cannabinoid Medical Clinic (CMClinic) Accepting Kingston Referrals

Published on: 2017/01/12 - in Featured Releases

CMClinic has a reputation across the country of being the leading medical experts in cannabinoid treatment. It is known as a clinic founded by physicians, dedicated to collecting and interpreting medical data relating to the potential benefits of cannabis treatments.

CMClinic specialized treatments are now available in Kingston at 725 Arlington Park Place.

The lead physician at Kingston’s CMClinic, Dr. Ophelia MacDonald, has recently hosted events in Toronto, Edmonton, and Kingston with traditional clinics to help educate medical personnel about cannabinoid therapy.   Dr. MacDonald has experienced positive results from cannabinoid treatment with patients who suffer from chronic pain and other illnesses.

“One of the biggest misconception about medical cannabis is that there is a requirement to smoke and get “high”,” said Dr. MacDonald. “In reality, almost all of our patients at CMClinic prefer vaporizers and oils with little to no “high” effect at all.”

CMClinic has been collecting data on the potential effects and benefits of cannabinoid treatments for several years. The company is reported to have the largest historical dataset ever collected of cannabinoid treatment effects across a wide variety of underlying conditions and patient types.

Dr. MacDonald says what sets CMClinic apart is the knowledge from our data of how Cannabis treatment can augment your existing treatments for any patient type.

Medical cannabis is nothing like the recreational cannabis most people are familiar with. As a result of tight production and cultivation controls, patients can now manage the effects of cannabis depending on their needs.

The focus of CMClinic is to improve the functionality of people who struggle with chronic pain or illnesses. We can work with patients to recommend over 80 different strains of cannabinoid products with varying strengths to patients with various medical conditions with the help of our physicians.

The CMClinic process insures that the correct strain is chosen to fit the individual’s specific needs.

“Our patients trust us to recommend a treatment protocol of medical cannabis that compliments their lifestyle and helps them function with desired, or minimal side effects,” said Dr. MacDonald.

If you are interested in learning more about medical cannabis and choosing an option that fits with your lifestyle, ask your doctor for a referral to CMClinic or contact the company at 1-888-282-7763.



Release source: Madeline Whittaker (CM Clinic)