Kingston Region Open-Air Burning Ban Ends

Published on: 2016/08/24 - in Featured News

The open-air burning ban that has been in place across the entire municipality for the last several weeks has been lifted by Kingston Fire & Rescue.

On Tuesday, KF&R pointed to the recent increase in precipitation in allowing the ban to be lifted, but reminds citizens to continue being cautious with outdoor fires and to observe the guidelines in the City of Kingston’s Open Air Burning Policy.

Open air burning is defined as any fire intentionally ignited outside of a structure or building.

The Ontario Fire Code prohibits all open-air burning with the exception of small confined cooking fires and other fires that have been “approved” by the Chief Fire Official.

Paul Patry, Chief fire prevention officer, advised in a release that: “Although we have had some recent precipitation, the effects of the drought conditions will most likely remain a risk factor for the rest of the summer and fall seasons. Vegetation, brush and trees will remain brittle.”

To determine if open air burning is permitted as weather conditions and fire risks change, visit the municipal website or call 613-548-4001 ext. 5156.  Kingston Fire & Rescue will continue to update the status of the fire safety advisory during the remaining summer period.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons