Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Black River Bridge

Published on: 2015/06/03 - in Featured Releases

On Saturday June 6, 2015, people from Montreal, Toronto and Kingston, Queensborough, Belleville and Tweed will come to celebrate the building of a new bridge over the Black River.

This is possibly this the longest movable bridge in the world – the creation of inventor/builder/genius Luc Lafond.

But a bridge at St Mary’s in Queensborough, just north of Tweed, is more than just a bridge. It’s a celebration of Hope and a claim for a future in our town.

A bridge is a device to bring people, the joining of opposites. In the same way this bridges will bring together many people who may be different but who are nonetheless brothers and sisters. Romanians, Canadians, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Irish, Scotts all will come on June 6 to ask God’s blessing on the bridge.

The Bridge is a symbol that we need to affirm and celebrate what unites us and not nurture divisions among people. Believers and atheists , rich, poor, urban, rural, we need to embrace one another with respect. The Bridge is a symbol of this important aspect of St Mary’s in Queensborough.  (map)

St Ioan Cassian bridge blessing is meant to be a celebration, not of the past history of Queensborough, but of an event that is actually history in the making.

Our small town communities need not to be just local museums. We are not just keepers of the past. The Bridge at St Mary’s in Queensborough is a sign that the past has a living present and a real future. We need to see our communities as living bridges between a beautiful past and also a real, thriving future.

This is what will be affirmed at the Grand Opening, blessing, celebration of Ioan Cassian Bridge: On that bridge a community will gather. We are a community that while looking at its past can also celebrate a present that is new, fresh and innovative.

The celebration on June the 6th is a sign of a community that is inclusive and full of laughter, and therefore knows that it can also look forward. The bridge is a sign that we have a future.

All are invited to celebrate, not a past historical memory, but a history-making event. Be part of history in the making at St Mary’s in Queensborough.

Release source: St Mary of Egypt Refuge