Group Surveying Public for Bike Share Program in Kingston

Published on: 2012/09/25 - in Featured Releases

A local focus group including members from the Queen’s Athletics and Sustainability, the City of Kingston, St. Lawrence College, KFL&A Public Health, the AMS, and SGPS has been exploring the potential of bringing a bike share system to the Kingston community.

To help further this initiative, the focus group is looking for community input through a survey. The input received through this survey will help provide a better understanding of whether a bike share program would be viable within our community.

A 15-question Your Opinion survey in the City of Kingston website will accept submissions until October 29.

Cycling is an efficient, active and environmentally-friendly way to get around your local community. Bike share systems are a means to enhance access to cycling and encourage greater user uptake of this mode of transportation.

Bike sharing programs provide bicycle access to users without the cost of ownership. Typical systems offer convenient, short-term and cost effective usage of bicycles within a community. Users access the program either via membership or by pay-per-use scenarios. Bike stations tend to be placed in key locations throughout a community to provide easy pick-up and return locations.


Release source: Queen’s University News Centre | Photo: Brampton Cyclist