Kingston “Believe It or Not” Exhibit Wants Your Weird Stuff

Published on: 2017/01/17 - in Featured News

The Pump House Steam Museum has issued an open call for the city’s most interesting or shocking items.

As part of Kingston’s Sesquicentennial celebrations to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, the museum will be telling the story of our city’s past 150 years with a Kingston-themed “Believe it or Not” exhibit.

While the City of Kingston has gone into its own vaults to retrieve its strangest objects with the best stories, the pump house museum will also have room for the community to showcase items from its own collections.

The Museum says:

Have an object that is not instantly recognizable or has an interesting story that connects to Kingston in some way and is dated between 1867 and 2017?

Take a picture of it, write the story that goes with it and email them to

The funnier the object, the more surprising the topic it touches on, or the more shocking it back story, the better it is for the exhibit.

While all submitted items may not make it into the exhibit, those that do will have their owner(s) acknowledged for the short term loan of the object.

For more information about the City and community Sesquicentennial celebrations, visit

Photo: Wikimedia Commons