City and Utilities Kingston to Present 2015 Budget

Published on: 2015/01/20 - in Featured Releases

Starting January 20, 2015, City departments, Utilities Kingston and City-funded external agencies and boards will make their 2015 budget presentations to the newly-elected council.

“This year’s budget process is a good learning experience, especially for our new council, on the programs and services we provide and what it takes to make them happen,” said Mayor Bryan Paterson. “I look forward to a productive discussion and the adoption of a budget that limits the tax rate increase to the current rate of inflation.”

The 2015 recommended budgets represent the final stage in the City’s annual planning process where council priorities are translated into budget estimates. As part of the budget process, council will hear presentations over three nights:

• January 20, 6 p.m. – Budget overview, Utilities Kingston, City departments

• January 21, 6 p.m. – City departments (cont’d), external agencies, deliberations

• January 22, 6 p.m. – Second night of deliberations if required

All three meetings are open to the public and the City will be tweeting live from the budget meetings using #ygkbudget.

“One of the goals for my first 100 days in office was to pass a budget with a minimal tax rate increase,” said Paterson. “We have an obligation to ensure we’re delivering services in the most cost-effective way possible, and to look for innovative ways to do things more efficiently so we can save money. We can’t keep looking to residents to pick up the tab.”

Council will be presented with a 2015 tax-supported operating budget of $337 million, which incorporates a 2.5 per cent tax rate increase, a capital budget of $170 million and utility-related operating and capital budgets of $95 million and $215 million respectively.

As part of the tax rate increase, the tax-supported operating budget will address inflationary pressures, respond to increasing service demands and allocate one per cent to support revitalizing, building and enhancing local infrastructure.

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Release source: City of Kingston