Remarkable Recyclers Recognized by City of Kingston

Published on: 2013/10/21 - in Featured News

The City of Kingston is celebrating Waste Reduction Week by awarding Blue and Grey Boxes – featuring a “Remarkable Recycler” insignia – to 59 Kingston households.

“Congratulations to our Remarkable Recyclers, our unsung waste reduction heroes,” said the Public Education Coordinator for Solid Waste, Derek Ochej. “We honour their tremendous diligence and consistent effort. They know that correctly sorting recycling and organic waste from pure garbage means we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill – and that’s our goal.”

Curbside recycling was audited for participating households during the collection weeks of September 30 or October 7 and checked for sorting accuracy.

Households with correctly sorted waste and who had set out one bag of garbage or less have now been awarded their “Remarkable Recycler” Blue and Grey Boxes. Qualified householders had their names submitted into the random draw with Deborah Tindal winning a Kobo e-reader prize.

The Remarkable Recycler recognition campaign to slated to run again in April 2014.

You can start sorting waste remarkably today by visiting and find out what recycling to put out at .


PhotoSteven Depolo (cc)