The Tragically Hip Flamenco Rosé Arrives at LCBO Outlets

Published on: 2020/06/03 - in Entertainment

The Tragically Hip have announced their new Rosé wine has now started arriving at LCBO outlets as of this past Saturday as well as being available to order online directly from Stoney Ridge Estate Winery.

The Tragically Hip Flamenco Rosé, a Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir blend, joins the Hip’s 2017 Tragically Hip Grand Reserve Red – Fully Completely and The Tragically Hip White – Ahead by a Century selections in collaboration with Stoney Ridge. The Rosé was inspired by the lyrics and music of ‘Flamenco’, a track on the band’s ‘Trouble at the Henhouse’ album released originally in 1996.

The Rosé label artwork is also a collaboration between the winery and guitarist Rob Baker, who “inspired the original wine label art as a reflection of the song and its reminiscence of Spanish flamenco dance and their signature guitars.”

“A fresh and fruity Rosé crafted in the traditional Provence style with a light salmon hue. The blending of Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir grapes lend a fresh character to the wine with a forward nose of cherry, cranberry and red currant,” describes the Tasting Notes. “The palate is expressive with flavours of strawberry, rose petal and fresh citrus.’

As of this writing, there are no bottles available at any LCBOs in Kingston – either because they’ve been all bought up by fans or deliveries simply haven’t made it to us yet – but all Tragically Hip wines can be ordered directly from Stoney Ridge Estate Winery in Vineland, Ontario or you can continue to check for availability at the LCBO.

For more information about The Tragically Hip, visit the band’s website, check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.