Thieves Steal 21,000 Bottles of Dan Aykroyd’s Banned Vodka

Published on: 2011/05/17 - in Entertainment

Dan Aykroyd, who often resides with his family in the Kingston area, has reported that over 21,000 bottles of his banned Crystal Head Vodka were recently stolen from a warehouse in California.

In a statement to, Aykroyd said he was bothered by the theft but also jokingly came up with a bright side to the crime as well.

“My partners and I are sorry to lose this much vodka to theft and do not condone criminal activity in any fashion, but we are happy that some consumers will be afforded the opportunity of tasting it at significantly lower than retail price.”

He also mentioned to the celebrity site that Crystal Head Vodka “can be purchased legally at bars, restaurants, and retail stores throughout North America”, without adding that the exception to this statement is in his home province of Ontario.

Last year, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario prevented outlets from selling the vodka due to its skull shaped bottle, saying “The image of the human skull is the thing that’s really problematic for us. That’s an image that’s commonly associated with death. It’s especially problematic at a time when there are concerns around binge drinking by younger adults, which in some cases unfortunately has resulted in alcohol poisoning.”

That ban hasn’t stopped Crystal Head Vodka from going on to be a huge success for the actor and entrepreneur, having already sold over 1 million bottles at the time of the ban and more recently winning a Double gold Award at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

According to Aykroyd, this theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of vodka is being investigated by both the LAPD and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

VIDEO: Dan Aykroyd talks about the history and process of creating Crystal Head Vodka

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