Eric Idle Tweets with Queen’s University “Spamalot” Director

Published on: 2014/04/04 - in Entertainment Featured

Monty Python’s Eric Idle surprised a Queen’s University student today when he replied to a Twitter post she had directed to him.

Fiona Claire Douglas, who is directing the Queen’s Musical Theatre (QMT) production of “Spamalot”, tweeted thanks to Idle for his comedic inspiration while announcing last night’s opening show.

He tweeted back to her an hour and a half later, writing: “Cool. Well Done. Where?”

The exchange continued with Douglas joking that she had sent the ‘Spamalot’ author an invitation, but it was perhaps dropped by the European swallow – referencing a scene from Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” that questioned the airspeed of an unladden swallow (spoiler video link)

Idle thanked the student and mentioned that he is currently busy “plotting O2”, Monty Python’s return to the stage with live performances at The O2 London concert arena. The troupe has added new dates at The O2 for a second time, after their initial July 1st concert sold out in a record 43.5 seconds and the four subsequently added dates also selling out quickly.

‘Spamalot’ is a musical comedy play adapted from the 1975 film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Its original 2005 production received three Tony Awards and 14 nominations.

The Queen’s University production of ‘Spamalot’ will be playing from April 3rd to the 12th at Convocation Hall (in Theological Hall).

General Admission tickets are $20 and student tickets are $15 (Additional surcharges may apply). They’re available for purchase at the Grand Theatre Box Office, Tricolour Outlet, and at the door.

The Twitter exchange was posted on the QMT Spamalot Facebook page, where more information about their performance can be found or follow them on Twitter @QMT_Spamalot .