Nickelodeon Series Starring Kingston Actress Ends, Fans React

Published on: 2019/06/05 - in Entertainment

Fans of of Nickelodeon’s “I Am Frankie” starring Kingston actress Alex Hook received upsetting news yesterday when her costar, Nicole Alyse Nelson, confirmed the show has not been renewed for a third season.

Accompanied by a video showing behind the scenes clips from their first day filming the show, along with the young cast joking around together and some blooper outtakes, Nelson wrote:

The end of an era but the start of an age. Thank you for watching. Without you, we wouldn’t have even gotten to make the 42 episodes that we did. I am Frankie might be over, but this talented group is just getting started. Stay tuned, kids. The best is yet to come. XOXO

Starring Alex Hook in the title role, “I Am Frankie” tells the story of a teenage android attempting to fit into an average American high school.

“However, it’s not as easy as it sounds,” said Hook, in an interview with the Kingston Herald last year. “Because Frankie is being hunted down by an evil government agency called EGG (Electronic Giga Genetics) who want her to, pretty much, rule the world.”

“Frankie [the android] is, of course, very new and very literal,” she added. “[Frankie has] never experienced the world before and she’s put into school where she meets a whole series of new friends – and enemies.”

The local actress also said she was surprised when first reading the script to see that her arch-nemesis was named ‘Mr. Kingston’, wondering “did they do this on purpose?” But they didn’t. “It turned out to be a total coincidence!”

Alex already had some of her future mapped out when we spoke to her last year, saying she wants to get a post-secondary degree that she can integrate into acting.

So, while unfortunate that Nickelodeon passed on renewing the show, the timing is right for the teen to take time out for university or college before continuing on with her career.

If you or someone you know is a big fan of Alex Hook and “I Am Frankie”, you can have the actress send you a video birthday wish, acting advice, or another shout out from the actress.

For more information and to check out a few videos she’s already sent out to fans, visit Alex’s Cameo page.

Watch “I Am Frankie” videos online at YTV in Canada, on NickTV in the U.S or on your own region’s Nickelodeon site.

Dayton Reyes (Nicole Alyse Nelson) taught Frankie (Alex Hook) about the wonders of high school and what it means to be a human

Fans React

While most fans of the show probably haven’t heard the bad news yet, some who saw Nicole Alyse Nelson’s tweet yesterday or found out another way don’t appear happy with Nickelodeon’s decision – including one fan (at the end) who has a good question for the network…

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