Map of Kingston Cycling Routes Released

Published on: 2012/06/21 - in Entertainment Featured

Bicyclists in Kingston now have a free map to help them bicycle comfortably throughout the city.

This new map, the first of its kind in Kingston, was developed by KFL&A Public Health and the Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation, with route research by Cary Weitzman.

Anne MacPhail, public health nurse with KFL&A Public Health, says the guide is important to show people where bicycle routes are and to help them choose routes that match their skill and comfort levels.

She went on to explain that the map “indicates roads with cycling lanes, higher and lower volumes of traffic, and connecting links between streets. It also illustrates Kingston’s multi-use trails, including the K&P Trail, the Waterfront Trail, and the Greenwood Park Trail and indicates amenities such as public washrooms, access to change rooms, bike shops, water, access to the internet, and links to other types of active transportation such as bus, ferry, and park and ride locations.”

Physical maps can be picked up at a number of places across the city, including all KFL&A Public Health offices, the Kingston Frontenac Public Library’s Central Branch, local bike shops, and the Tourist Information office across from Kingston City Hall.

The map can also be viewed and downloaded (pdf) from the Kingston Trails-at-a-Glance website.


Photo: Brampton Cyclist