Kasador Rocks Out 2019 with Hometown Concert

Published on: 2019/12/23 - in Entertainment

Kingston’s alt-rockers Kasador closed out 2019 by headlining a sold-out concert at Ale House Friday night with The Codas and Brother Elsey.

Opening the Spearhead Brewery sponsored show first was The Codas, who had a large group of very enthusiastic fans in attendance. Their set was varied and went from a relaxed, tropical flow through 70s style rock fit for a Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape to a killer Drake cover to their own deep and textured original songs.

The low key, mournful ‘A Refrain About Love‘ was a highlight for this writer – reminiscent of one of Leonard Cohen’s slower songs in a very good way. I also enjoyed ‘Anomaly‘, a hypnotic, engaging song with a ripping guitar solo. The keyboard added range and depth to the already powerful four piece allowing for somber piano but also for more uptempo funk. The audience likewise loved the tunes, chanting “encore” and “one more song” as The Codas wrapped up their set.

A hard rock intro washed over the crowd after the break, preparing them for the raw energy and relentless power of the next band to hit the stage: Brother Elsey.

Their vibe to me was a nice mix of rock, a touch of outlaw country and some twang of bluegrass. They matched harmonies like caramel with complementary instrumentation so good at one point the audience cheered in the middle of a song and demonstrated extremely smooth segues between tunes.

They ended their set with “Fast Train” – a fast and gritty song featuring a call and repeat opening that really got the crowd jumping. It’s driving guitar, bass and booming rhythm was a fantastic crescendo to their set.

Following Brother Elsey was the night’s headliners, introduced by K-Rock’s Riley Jabour: Kasador – Will Hunter and Cam Wyatt (vocals/guitars), Boris Baker (bass), and Stephen Adubofuor (drums).

A deep dark ambient sound started the set, running through their songs with a great rollercoaster flow. The tone rose high, bouncing and funky with ‘Neighbourhood’ then dipped down with the haunting Skeleton Park, a song with clear Kingston roots that seemed to vibrate the building. ‘Waiting’ had the crowd loudly chanting the chorus along with the band while screaming and jumping up and down. The band engaged closely with the audience throughout the set, at one point cheekily dedicating ‘Come Get Your Money’ to “every politician that has ever let us down, ” including “those across the lake”.

Kasador offered a wide variety of moods throughout their set – getting the crowd pumped and dancing with one song then bringing gravitas to other tracks by dedicate songs to mental health issues facing students or sing tributes to lost friends and family.

They ended with the title track off their current album ‘Brood & Bloom‘ – a term described by Will Hunter as “… taking the time to reflect on the ‘bad’ and taking that fear, hate, pain, sadness and making something positive – like an album”.

Stream and purchase Brood & Bloom here

The crowd wasn’t going to let them get away without an encore and Kasador were more than accommodating, at one point bringing guitar players up from the audience to play  a number with the band before they performed their last song of the evening, ‘Talk About It‘.

Following the concert, Kasador invited all the ticket holders to an after-party at The Mansion. It was a great chance to meet the band members and there was a good discount on pints of beer from show sponsor Spearhead Brewery. A great end to a night of great bands.

Definitely check out Kasador, The Codas and Brother Elsey if you get the chance to see them live and visit them online (linked) for details on purchasing their music and merchandise.

Photo source: Kasador on Facebook