Top Prize Karaoke Series Qualifying Event Coming to Kingston

Published on: 2019/06/11 - in Entertainment

Karaoke fans will get the chance to compete in the Ontario-wide Top Prize Karaoke Series when a qualifying event for the contest comes to Kingston on June 23.

The local qualifying event is one of at least 30 across the province.  Two contestants will then advance towards the regional championship event where two singers from that competition will advance to the provincial finals. A combination of a panel of three judges and audience voting will determine winners at the qualifying event.

At the provincial final, winners will receive a potentially substantial cash prize based on attendance over all the events.

“We are projecting a prize at the provincial finals in the $10,000 range”, said Derek Sharp, one of the founders and organizers of Top Prize Karaoke. “However, that depends on a lot of things going right, including tickets selling well across all of our events.”

There is also a series-wide Secret Song contest. If any singer – whether they end up advancing or not – happens to sing one of the selected Secret Songs, they will win a large cash prize. Organizers say singing the Secret Songs could be worth up to $50,000, or a smaller prize based on number of contestants, depending on which of two Secret Songs the contestant sings.

The Kingston event takes place Sunday, June 23 at 1 pm at The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 560, at 734 Montreal St. with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Branch 560.

Registration for the Top Prize Karaoke Series is $25 and singers must register in advance on the website to qualify to enter. There are only 20 spots at each qualifying event for singers and no registrations will be taken the day of the event. Tickets for audience members, which include voting privileges, are $10 each.

Promo codes for $5 off tickets or registrations can be found by liking the Top Prize Karaoke Series Facebook page.

More information on the Top Prize Karaoke Series, including all of the event dates, how to register for the Kingston event, and rules and regulations can be found at

Photo: Public Domain Pictures (cc)