Gordon Lightfoot Praises Kingston Band’s Tribute to Edmund Fitzgerald

Published on: 2021/11/10 - in Entertainment

Iconic Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot lauded Kingston’s The Headstones for their tribute cover of his hit song “The Wreck of the Edward Fitzgerald” on the anniversary of the ship’s sinking.

On Lightfoot’s verified Facebook page, he was quoted as saying: “Outstanding version of EDMUND FITZGERALD by The Headstones” – Gordon Lightfoot 11-10-2021” in recognition of the band’s 2019 cover of his forty-five year old ballad.

Lightfoot wrote, composed and performed The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald to commemorate the SS Edmund Fitzgerald’s sinking during a storm on Lake Superior in 1975. The single hit number 1 in Canada in November 1976 and number 2 for two weeks in the Billboard Hot 100. It was Lightfoot’s second most successful single after his hit song, “Sundown“.

In 2019, The Headstones recorded their tribute cover at Bathouse Studios just west of Kingston and released a video (below) shot at the studio and on frozen Lake Ontario nearby.

“We’ve always loved this song,” said the band. “It’s profoundly meaningful. We started to play it during our tour VIP soundchecks, and our fans really responded to it…. The feedback was exceptional.”

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Top photo: Wikimedia Commons (cc)