The Glorious Sons Open for The Rolling Stones in Marseille

Published on: 2018/06/27 - in Entertainment

Kingston’s Glorious Sons opened for the legendary Rolling Stones last night in Marseille, France at the Orange Vélodrome.

The band first announced the prime gig on May 4th, writing “THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Tuesday, June 26th in Marseille France we are opening for @RollingStones. If you know us, then you’ll know this is a dream come true.”

Last night, The Stones’ Keith Richards posted a photo that reveals the size of the Orange Vélodrome from The Sons’ vantage point:

Social media posts from concert goers – including some Canadians – shows the stadium from other perspectives, with The Glorious Sons on the big screen as they rocked the stage:

The Glorious Sons also posted a photo from the performance and Earache Records added a video clip from their first song of the evening, Sawed Off Shotgun.

The Sons closed out their set with Kill the Lights, as seen in this video from Go-Met Media (official music video for the song below):

The band tweeted out a quick summary of the night, writing “We played, I fell, I smiled. I died a little tonight. It was happy, and overwhelming, and sad in a good way ” and were sent special thanks by the Rolling Stones, to which the Sons replied “Thank you gentlemen, the band and crew. You were most generous and kind.”

The Glorious Sons are the latest performers with a Kingston connection to open for the Rolling Stones.

Dan Aykroyd with Jim Belushi opened for the band as The Blues Brothers at Soldier Field in Chicago in 2005 – and technically also at “SARS-fest” in 2003, when TBB opened both the afternoon and evening sets at the benefit concert – as did The Tragically Hip at four European Stones’ concerts in 1995 and Moncton in 2005, and Kingston-born Bryan Adams opened the Stone’s “No Security” tour in 1999 between January 25 and February 6.

The Glorious Sons set list at the Orange Vélodrome, via

  1. Sawed Off Shotgun
  2. White Noise
  3. My Poor Heart
  4. Mama
  5. Sometimes on a Sunday
  6. Ruby
  7. Everything is Alright
  8. Kill the Lights

Check out the music video for their closing number, Kill the Lights:

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