Trailer Released for New Ghostbusters Film

Published on: 2016/03/03 - in Entertainment Featured

A full trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie has been revealed, giving fans a first glimpse of the new cast – including Melissa McCarthy, Chris Hemsworth, and former Saturday Night Live cast members Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

Sony Pictures previewed the trailer to journalists and dozens of fans yesterday, with Director Paul Feig and Producer Ivan Reitman – who directed the 1984 original flick – in attendance.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Feig talked about his own experience with the first film’s release back when he was a student: “My history with the movie goes back to its opening night. I was in film school,” said Feig. “I was a comedy fan, but I had not seen something like this — combining comedy with science and the supernatural and action.”

Feig added: “When Ivan asked if I would be interested in doing a new one, it blew my mind. I love the idea that a new generation is going to have their own Ghostbusters. … It was important to capture the heart of what we loved about the original but also bring something new.”

The 1984 film opened in the #1 spot and stayed at the top for five consecutive weeks – even regaining that position two more times as new releases briefly dethroned it. The movie went on to earn $229.2 million – making Ghostbusters the highest earning film in 1984.

The idea for Ghostbusters was conceived at the Aykroyd family farm just north of Kingston, influenced by generations of his family’s involvement with the paranormal.

As Aykroyd explained in a CBC interview with George Stroumboulopoulos (below), his great-grandfather – a psychic researcher and Kingston dentist who held seances at the farm – was just one of the family members involved with the paranormal.

Check out the new Ghostbusters trailer below

Ghostbusters is set to hit theatres on July 15th.

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