Newly Announced Ghostbusters Film Has a Teaser Trailer

Published on: 2019/01/16 - in Entertainment

The legion of Ghostbusters fans who didn’t get the sequel they’d hoped for with the 2016 reboot film will get another chance when Ghostbusters 3 hits theaters in 2020.

Announced just yesterday, it appears very possible that the Ghostbuster reigns are going to be handed down to the next generation both on screen and behind the camera.

Started as a secret project by Jason Reitman – son of Ghostbusters 1 and 2 director, Ivan Reitman – the new film is going to be a continuation of the original movies. Jason Reitman will now direct the newest flick, while his father comes on as Producer, and he also co-wrote the script with Gil Kenan.

Kenan’s filmography reveals he is a good fit for spirit of the Ghostbusters universe, having directed the light-hearted animated film ‘Monster House’ as well as the horror flick reboot ‘Poltergeist’ in 2015.

Twice nominated for Oscars as the director of Juno (2007) and Up in the Air (2009), Canadian-born Jason Reitman is also a BAFTA and Golden Globe winner.

As a child, Jason was on set during filming of the first two Ghostbusters films, and had a cameo in GB2 as “Brownstone Boy #2” – a birthday boy who informs the Ghostbusters: “My dad says you guys are full of crap.” [video]

There has been no details about the new Ghostbuster’s script, aside from sources stating the studio is looking for four teens for the film – two male and two female. However, it seems very likely – since it will be a continuation of the original movies – that the surviving original team will have a role in passing the torch to a younger crew.

Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson all made cameos in the 2016 reboot, as did Sigourney Weaver. Ghostbuster Harold Ramis, who also co-wrote the first two films with Aykroyd, passed away in 2014.

Dan Aykroyd came up with the idea for Ghostbusters from his ancestral home just outside Kingston.  His great-grandfather, Sam Aykroyd, was a local dentist who held seances there and Dan’s father, Peter Aykroyd, grew up at the home and authored A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Séances, Mediums, Ghosts and Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters 3 is scheduled for release in the summer of 2020 (update: Sony has announced it will be in theaters July 2020) and filming is expected to begin in a few months.

Ivan Reitman also posted the teaser trailer earlier today with the caption “Everybody can relax, I found the car. #GB20”. Dan Aykroyd retweeted his post, writing “If you need a tune-up you know who to call #gb20” and Ernie Hudson wrote in response to the trailer: “This is bigger than a hundred-foot marshmallow man #GB20

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