JUNO Award Winner Rocks Solo: Chris Koster’s “ck stays up all night smiling”

Published on: 2023/04/11 - in Entertainment

Kingston’s JUNO award-winning band The Glorious Sons’ multi-talented member, Chris Koster, has launched the first part of his self-produced, out-of-this-world two-part collection, “ck stays up all night smiling.” Spanning five genre-defying tracks, Koster’s solo release showcases his incredible skills as a multi-instrumentalist, blending Rock, Americana, and a touch of cosmic inspiration.

After being evicted from his long-time apartment, Koster, fueled by the frustration of losing his home, collaborated with friend Ted Sheppard to create the lead single, “Spaceman.”

“I had just been evicted from my apartment of 22 years because they were going to tear the building down. It sucked at the time, and my friend Ted Sheppard and I were having a couple drinks when this song came from a conversation. It’s a story about a guy that hits a wall in his life, so he decides to build his own rocket ship and launch himself off the planet altogether.”

Koster’s old-school recording setup didn’t hold him back, as he impressively recorded the entire song within just 90 minutes with its accompanying animated video taking 18 months to complete.

“Ted was dreaming up animated video concepts in his big, beautiful brain. I chose the chords, C,G F, and Ted chose the concept of CGI,” said Koster. “It’s riddled with easter eggs and hidden inside jokes about our friendship, but those aside there’s another story at the heart of it, escape, release, and transcendence. Ted made a story of a little guy with big ideas that had finally had enough and did something we all can still do; use our creativity for something truly beautiful to get somewhere a little more breathable – we’re coming up for air.”

“ck stays up all night smiling” part one tracklist:

Long Goodbye
Constant Weekend
Any Day Now

For more than two decades, Chris Koster has been captivating audiences with his songwriting, producing, and multi-instrumental abilities. From his debut album “Secrets of the Lonely” in 2004 to his more recent progressive sound on 2007’s “Sex, Love & Morality,” Koster has been breaking barriers and redefining the rock/Americana genre. Since joining The Glorious Sons in 2015, Koster’s influence on their dynamic rock sound has earned him the title of the band’s “secret weapon.”

Listen to PART ONE of ‘ck stays up all night smiling’ HERE

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