Bill Murray Agrees to Star in Ghostbusters 3 ….Not.

Published on: 2012/12/05 - in Entertainment Featured

Fans of Bill Murray would have been celebrating this week when they spotted news sites proclaiming that the last barrier to a Ghostbusters 3 movie had fallen.

The biggest hurdle for the much anticipated sequel, in addition to formulating the perfect script, has always been getting Bill Murray on board.

The comedian, who starred as ‘Peter Venkman’ in the first two Ghostbusters movies, has continually refused to be involved with a third instalment in the franchise.

Until this week… it seemed.

According to WENN,, The Toronto Sun (since removed), the National Enquirer, and other popular websites, Ghostbusters co-writer Harold Ramis – who also starred in the films – had announced that Bill Murray finally agreed to join the cast of Ghostbusters 3.

“It was kind of crazy,” Ramis is quoted as saying. “Just out of nowhere, I get a phone call from Bill at almost three in the morning… and he simply said, ‘Yeah, OK, I’m in!’ That’s Bill Murray for you. Surprising and straight to the point.”

Although there is a variety of citations for the story’s origin, many are linking to as their source.

However, that article has since been edited to state “UPDATE: has reached out to Sony regarding WENN’s story, but has been unable to confirm at this time”, indicating they were sourcing’s report“.

But the WENN story dated Monday, December 3 links to an article that was posted on November 23 at a website called… Super Official News.

And as can be quickly ascertained by viewing the other “news” headlines on SuperOfficialNews, it is a satire site similar to The Onion.

In other words, the article was a joke. this week published an interview they had with Dan Aykroyd when he was in New York City to promote Crystal Head vodka, where he plainly stated that Bill Murray has not agreed to be in the third film.

Kingston also got a mention by Aykroyd, when Esquire asked about his personal connection to the legend of the crystal skulls which his vodka bottle is modelled after.

My great-grandfather, Sam Aykroyd, was a dentist in Kingston, Ontario, and he was also an Edwardian spiritualist researcher who was very interested in what was going on in the invisible world, the survival of the consciousness, precipitated paintings, mediumship, and trans-channeling.

My dad wrote a book, A History of Ghosts, and it references my family history and why I wrote Ghostbusters.

Dan Aykroyd also confirmed that instead of being a reboot of the franchise, ‘Ghostbusters 3’ will likely deal with the next generation of ghostbusters “dealing with a problem, as the first movie did, but I think we would have to hand it off to the young.”

You can read that entire (legitimate) article on

There have been other hoaxes picked up and reported as real by major news sites over the past week or two, as well.

On November 26, many prominent sites reported that Google had acquired ICOA Inc. (a Wi-Fi provider) for $400 Million dollars.

It wasn’t true.

And in a more amusing example, China’s People’s Daily Online proclaimed that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had been named “Sexiest Man Alive for 2012”.

He had been. By The Onion.

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