Avril’s beau Brody Jenner out with Lindsay Lohan

Published on: 2010/06/11 - in Entertainment
Brody Jenner and Lindsay Lohan on June 10

While Avril Lavigne is in Europe, writing songs [her June 4 Twitter post] and obsessing about Hello Kitty, her boyfriend Brody Jenner has been photographed out with Lindsay Lohan.

The blogosphere and gossip sites have expressed amazement that Avril’s beau was seen driving Lindsay around on a shopping trip at Fred Segal yesterday.

This is especially controversial – even though some commentators are giving Jenner the benefit of the doubt, speculating he may simply be hanging out with an old friend – since Brody and Lindsay have been tied romantically in the past.

In February 2007, the Hollywood Gossip filed a post entitled “Lindsay Lohan is Off Booze, On Top of Brody Jenner” and almost a year later, in January 2008, People magazine wrote the article “Lindsay Lohan & Brody Jenner’s ‘Inn’ Love“.

None of the three celebrities’ verified Twitter accounts have any posts to-date about this occurrence, although it appears Brody may have sold an advertisement through one of his Twitter posts to earn money off his half million followers – perhaps to pay for his shopping trip with Lindsay:

Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner at LAX on May 30
Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner at LAX on May 30

You gotta see this Man v. Food clip on Funny or Die! http://bit.ly/8ZWEvj It’s Adam Richman’s Greatest Nightmare…Revenge of the Food (Ad) *

* In Twitter posts, it is common and standard practice to insert “(ad)” or “(sponsor)” to tweets where the writer is paid to write it.

June 15 Update: X17 Online reports Lindsay Lohan is also getting paid now to tweet advertisements

There have been no subsequent reports of the Jenner and Lohan together since this outing.

June 18 Update: After her return from Europe,  Avril and Brody were seen out during the evening of June 17 dining at El Compadre Mexican food restaurant in Hollywood.

Avril Lavigne was raised in Napanee Ontario, only 30 minutes west of Kingston.


Avril & Brody image via Zimbio

Lindsay & Brody image via WENN.