Haunted Walk Brings Halloween Chills to Kingston

Published on: 2019/10/17 - in Entertainment

It’s Halloween and Haunted Walks Inc. – the largest ghost tour company in Canada – is offering a number of tours and paranormal adventures around Kingston.

Learn about the darker stories of downtown Kingston and the Old Sydenham Ward on the classic Original Haunted Walk, join “In the Dark at Murney Tower: A Haunted Challenge” ghost investigation with Phantoms of Yore, and get the shivers at a 10-Minute Nightmare 3D audio show that puts you right in the middle of Fort Henry’s scariest ghost stories:

Kingston Ghost Tours – Halloween Season (until Nov 2nd):

The Original Haunted Walk: Haunting locals and newcomers alike, this tour takes you through Kingston’s old Sydenham Ward. It features haunted hotels, hidden burial grounds, grave robbings, hangings at the old courthouse, and Kingston’s famous haunted courtyard. A tried and true favourite for all ages.

Paranormal Adventures:

In the Dark at Murney Tower: A Haunted Challenge (October 18, 19 & 20): Have you ever wanted to be a ghost hunter? Here is your chance!

Join Phantoms of Yore and take part in a small- group investigation of one of Kingston’s landmark sites – Murney Tower! You will be trained on investigative equipment and provided two hand-held IR cameras to record your adventure. You will then enter the Tower for your challenge. The footage of your paranormal investigation will be reviewed by Phantoms of Yore and the best clips will be released over social media in November. What will the Tower’s spirits have in store for you?

The Haunted Walk’s 10-Minute Nightmare at Fort Fright (until Nov 2nd):

Going to Fort Fright? Be sure to try their new spooky 3D audio adventure, “The Haunted Walk’s 10-Minute Nightmare!” The show is included with your ticket and puts you right in the middle of Fort Henry’s best (and scariest!) ghost stories. This adventure is only available to those attending Fort Fright.

Learn more at Haunted Walk’s Kingston tours page

Details and photo source: hauntedwalk.com