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Feb Fest Begins in Downtown Kingston [in 3D]

On Thursday, Kingstonians wasted no time in enjoying the start of Feb Fest in downtown Kingston. Public skating began first thing in the morning and at noon visitors enjoyed watching the Kingston Knights Sledge Hockey team compete against a group of Service Ontario employees on their lunch break. Old and young alike also had a… Keep Reading

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Remembrance Day in Wilton, Ontario [3D]

On Thursday November 11, citizens and neighbours of Wilton, Ontario – just north of Kingston – commemorated Remembrance Day at the town’s cenotaph. Organized by the Odessa and District Lions Club, a large crowd gathered for prayer, song, and the laying of wreaths to remember and pay respect to Canadian soldiers felled in battle. What… Keep Reading

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Fort Fright Seeks 50,000 Victims by Halloween

According to legend, in 1867 a special traveling carnival rolled into Kingston, Ontario. Men, women, and children alike were awed by fantastical tricks of blood, knives and death – tricks that seemed a little too real… After entertaining the crowds, they packed up and left for the next town — but this carnival left something… Keep Reading

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Restored Gaskin Lion Unveiled in MacDonald Park

On July 9th, Kingston’s landmark Gaskin Lion revealed the facelift he received for his 100th birthday. The League of Ukrainian-Canadians of Kingston donated the money for this restoration as a way to also celebrate the club’s own 100th anniversary this year. A number of presenters spoke to the crowd attending the ceremony, including Councillor Dorothy… Keep Reading

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Kingston Buskers in Highway Accident

Kate Mior, the “Marie Antoinette” living statue performer at the weekend’s Kingston Buskers festival, posted to her Twitter account that she was involved in a vehicle accident Sunday night while traveling home. At about midnight Sunday evening, she wrote: I was in a car accident coming home tonight. Car is totaled but we walked away.… Keep Reading

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