City Compiling 3D, Hi-Definition Photos and Data of Kingston

Published on: 2018/08/28 - in Science & Tech

The City of Kingston reports it has contracted Brockwell IT to capture high-definition, three-dimensional geographic images of Kingston’s infrastructure and facilities.

The images will be taken with a specially-equipped vehicle and used to generate a library of highly accurate data to help “map, design, build and maintain a smart, livable, 21st century city”, according to a release. Information collected includes clearances, elevations, surface areas and other specifics.

Jeff Bumstead, the City’s chief information officer, said the vehicle will be collecting digital images over the next month that can offer precise and accurate information on transportation and utility infrastructure, facilities and trees along with public safety data. He added that this project is aligned with the City’s Smart Kingston strategy.

“This is a powerful tool that offers results that will be used by all City departments,” said Bumstead. “It gives us an extraordinarily useful inventory of all City assets in a spatial context.”

The data will be collected by a white unmarked Ford Escape with rack-mounted cameras (seen in the Twitter post images above) and Brockwell IT will complete the $170,000 street-level survey over the next month. Faces and licence plates will be blurred on the images to protect privacy.

Image: Google