Find Neighbourhoods Receiving Infrastructure Improvements with Interactive Map

Published on: 2018/06/04 - in Science & Tech

Home and property-owners are being offered an interactive online map to find out if Utilities Kingston and the City of Kingston are planning to make improvements in their neighbourhood this year. The information can better allow owners to schedule property improvements by taking advantage of City-planned construction to reduce disruption to their property and services.

“This map is a great way to see how the City and Utilities Kingston 2015-2018 infrastructure plan may affect you and your neighbourhood,”said Jim Keech, president and CEO of Utilities Kingston, in a release.”Enter your address to see when, where and what kind of infrastructure improvements we are making.”

The City’s Projects page provides a detailed per-year look at Utilities Kingston improvements being made to public water, wastewater, gas and electrical systems as well as joint City and Utilities Kingston work, coordinated to reduce the impact of service disruptions and to maximize efficiencies and potential cost-savings.

Joint work by the City and Utilities Kingston may include utilities projects in addition to road, sidewalk, surface and/or drainage works.

View the map and learn more at the City of Kingston website’s Projects page.