GRAFOID Announces New Technology to Extend Battery Life

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Grafoid Inc., a Kingston-located graphene R&D, investment and technology licensing company, announced this week the development of a nano-porous membrane that can extend battery life in next generation Lithium-ion battery applications.

This GPURE graphene polymer membrane (GPM) technology is the seventh graphene-based addition to the company’s growing line of ultra-thin materials for use in a variety of industrial applications.

GPM is a chemically inert, freestanding membrane that uses graphene composites to test ion selectivity, an important requirement for a semi permeable membrane in Li-ion batteries.

Grafoid’s new technology diffuses only “energy harvesting monovalent ions” such as Lithium and Sodium ions (Li+, Na+), protecting sensitive electrode materials from unwanted chemical species – a feature conventional battery membranes do not have.

gpure gpm membrane
Figure 1 (a) shows the penetration processes of different ionic compounds through the GPURE GPM membrane, and (b) shows the GPURE GPM 6cm x 6cm membrane.

In a release, Grafoid President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Economo described this technology as a potentially important solution for improving battery life cycling.

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“Our GPURE membrane innovations and inventions for next generation battery applications are intended to enhance performance, extend battery life and improve safety,” said Mr. Economo.

According to the release, Goldman-Sachs Equity Research report “Charging the Future” (pdf) estimated the global automotive separator market was worth approximately 600 million USD in 2015 and expected to rise to $1.5 billion by 2020. The market is predicted to rise much higher by 2025 as gigawatt hours grow in (electric) automotive batteries.

This technology joins the initial six GPURE Platform membrane technologies announced by Grafoid – solutions to create new products or enhance or supplant existing membrane technologies – on February 16, 2017.

Those GPURE membranes include:

  • GPURE (A) – A high performing, free-standing membrane developed for water desalination applications
  • GPURE (B) – A stable, large area membrane developed for wastewater filtration suitable for very high temperature operating applications
  • GPURE (C) – A large area free-standing membrane developed for water filtration pre-treatment and may be suitable for use in gas separation applications and may be used as a lightweight component for automotive and sports equipment applications
  • GPURE (D) – A large area membrane that may be used for gas separation and sensing applications
  • GPURE (E) – A large area membrane intended for use in gas separation applications
  • GPURE (F)- May be applied as a graphene varnish for wood surfaces to protect against moisture, UV light and high temperatures

Grafoid Inc. is located at 945 Princess Street in Kingston.

You can contact or learn more about the company at


Images source: via Marketwire