Queen’s University Eye Specialist Honoured for Teaching Innovations

Published on: 2012/04/30 - in Science & Tech

The Ontario Medical Association has recognized Dr. Sanjay Sharma, of Ophthalmology and Epidemiology at Queen’s University, for his innovative education methods that include the use of short videos to instruct students on how to diagnose and treat eye conditions.

β€œTo receive this recognition is really an honour,” Dr. Sharma, who is also a retina specialist at Kingston’s Hotel Dieu Hospital, said in a University release. β€œI think it validates the concept of using digital content to educate patients and doctors, as well as the need for innovative technology platforms to disseminate medical information.”

One of the valuable online platforms Dr. Sharma has developed during the last decade is Medskool2.0 – a program utilized by over 20 medical schools across North America.

Students use video posted on Medskool 2.0 for instructions on how to diagnose and treat severe vision loss. Using the online tool has led students to out perform their counterparts who were taught using traditional methods.

A study evaluating the effectiveness of the Medskool 2.0 video platform has been published in this month edition of the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons