City Installing 48 Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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The City has announced it is installing 48 public electric vehicle charging stations at 21 locations in Kingston.

During a trial period, the clearly marked parking spaces will include Level 2 stations that will be free for public use after paying standard parking fees, while Level 3 fast chargers will require additional payment to use.

Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations are being installed as part of Kingston’s network, with Level 2 charging stations typically deliver a full charge in four to six hours and Level 3 fast chargers deliver a full charge in less than an hour.

UPDATE: Photo and Video posted by Mayor Bryan Paterson and City of Kingston:

“As part of the City’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we hope that providing the infrastructure to support electric vehicles will encourage more residents to adopt this environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cars,” said environment director Paul MacLatchy in a release.

The City’s public network of charging stations are owned by the City and operated by FLO, Canada’s largest electric vehicle charging network.

More details and a full list of future EV charging stations can be found at

Photo: Noya Fields (cc)