If You Were Underwhelmed by Last Week’s Eclipse – Just Wait for 2024

Published on: 2017/08/28 - in Science & Tech

2024 eclipse in Kingston (photoshopped)

Experiencing two thirds of the sun being blocked out is pretty impressive, but some Kingstonians may have still been a bit underwhelmed with last Monday’s eclipse when compared to the near complete darkness experienced by people directly underneath it.

However, in just 7 years – on Monday April 8, 2024 – Kingston is in the path of another eclipse that will completely block out the sun as it passes over the limestone city. (map)

That eclipse will begin at 2:09 pm and reach 100% coverage of the sun at 3:22 pm, before fading completely at 4:34 pm – lasting a total of almost 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Click here for an animation showing what the 2024 eclipse will look like over Kingston

Eclipse over Kingston in 2024

That full eclipse will be preceded by a partial eclipse over Kingston on October 14, 2023 at 1:14 pm (map), when a mere 2.2% of the sun will be covered over the city. (animation)

And after the full eclipse in 2024? You’ll have to wait until September 14, 2099 when about 82% of the sun will be blocked over Kingston. (map)

No doubt the full eclipse of 2024 will be a big deal here in Kingston, with gatherings outside City Hall as there was for last week’s partial eclipse.

Similar to the Royal Caribbean cruise having Bonnie Tyler sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as the full eclipse began overhead (video), Kingston could have a celebration in Market Square featuring one of our hometown bands.

Headstones “Little Army” album cover

Perhaps the JUNO-nominated Headstones, who formed in Kingston in 1987, could break into song as the eclipse begins and darkness falls over the crowded Market Square.

Based on the Headstones track titles, their Eclipse 2024 set could include “Far Away From Here“, “Heart of Darkness” and “Midnight of this Life“.

Or, most appropriately – especially if (still President?) Donald Trump happens to be listening to the concert while under the eclipse – the band should perform “Look Away” …

Image source – photoshopped: PhotoWladyslaw (cc)