Waterslide Opens at Tomlinson Aqua Park

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The 10m waterslide at Tomlinson Aqua Park has passed its safety inspection and is now open for fun.

“We are so pleased that there’s summer left to enjoy the slide and are reassured that it has been found safe for use,” says Adam McCluskey, manager, recreation facilities.

You must be at least 48 inches tall (122 cm) to use the slide, which will only be available on weekends for the rest of this season.

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Inspecting the slide is the final step in completing an upgrade to the slide that was needed to comply with new safety regulations. The new regulations meant that a custom piece had to be made for the slide and it took some time to make and ship the custom-built section.

Come enjoy the slide at 303 York St. this weekend. Find Tomlinson Aqua Park’s September schedule and other details at CityofKingston.ca/WaterPark.

Release source: City of Kingston