Donations Send Almost Double the Kids to Summer Camps this Year

Published on: 2018/08/29 - in Releases

Family and Children has released the following message, thanking donors for helping to send more than 140 local kids to summer camps this year:

It’s been a great Summer for the kids we serve. In fact, it’s been one of the best ever. Every year we operate a unique Summer Camp program. But this year we nearly doubled the number of kids we sent.

It’s all thanks to donations from people just like you. Thank you.

This year, we sent more than 140 kids to Summer Camps across Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington. That’s nearly double the 75 we sent last year. Half were between the ages of four and eight. The oldest was 15.

A third were from outside Kingston, mostly from Lennox and Addington. We spent almost $40,000 – double what we did last year. We eliminated the spending cap per child we have had in previous years and sent kids to whatever camp was best for them. And we sent them to camp for longer periods of time.

Many of the kids we serve don’t go to Summer Camp – they just stay home. That’s because their families are in crisis. They face domestic violence, addiction or mental health issues. Without help, these kids simply won’t go to Summer Camp.

Our government funding doesn’t cover Summer Camp for these kids, who are receiving our services but who are not in our care. We rely on donors like you to make our  Summer Camp program work. It is unique. Our staff identifies families at risk, helps them plan a summer camp for their kids, does the paperwork, pays the fees and ensures the kids get to camp.

These families want their kids to go to camp, but they face so many challenges that without our support they won’t be able to send them. In fact, in our most recent client survey, 60 percent of families that participated in the program said that without our intervention their kids would have stayed home all Summer long.

A significant amount of the money for our camp program came from the Tree of Hope – our annual holiday appeal. The money that was left over after we bought toys, clothing, food and other items for more than 800 kids helped send some of the same kids to Camp. It was the gift that kept on giving.

We want to thank all of the donors who helped make this Summer possible plus all of our staff, including two of our crackerjack summer students, who worked so hard to make sure it was a success. This was a team effort.

We celebrated our 124th birthday in August and we couldn’t be more proud of what we did this Summer with you help.

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We’ll use it next summer to send a kid to camp.

Release: Family and Childen’s Services FLA