Family and Children’s Services Expresses Thanks to Social Workers

Published on: 2017/03/08 - in Releases

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Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington has marked Social Work Week by issuing the following notice of appreciation:

This is Social Work Week across Ontario. We want to thank all social workers and everyone who works in social service agencies for everything they do in our community.

Their commitment, compassion and dedication make a difference every day in every part of Ontario.

We’re reminded of the words of the founder of the Children’s Aid Society movement in Ontario, J.J. Kelso.

A journalist, advocate and later Ontario’s first superintendent of children, Kelso wrote these words in 1907. Some 109 years later, they still have meaning for Social Work Week today.

“There are discouragements and disappointments in this as in every other work or sphere in life but there is also satisfaction…far exceeding those to be found in any other pursuit. Comforting those embittered by the struggles of life. Aiding them to make a fresh start. Protecting children from dangerous surroundings. Speaking words of consolation to the distressed. There is no rest so sweet as that which follows the weariness of hours spent doing good.”

If you work in social services, no matter what you do, please accept our thanks and the thanks of the community for your efforts.

Our community, our province and our world are better for having people like you around.

Make a donation now and we’ll send a deserving kid to camp come July.

Be the help kids need – Be a foster parent. We need homes for teens now.

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Release source: Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington
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