Six LDSB Schools Receive HEAL Award

Published on: 2010/09/10 - in Releases
Congratulations to students and staff at Clarendon Central/Sharbot Lake Public Schools, Central Public School, Loughborough Public School, Frontenac Secondary School, KCVI and Sydenham High School on receiving the LDSB HEAL (Healthy Education and Active Living) Award.

The HEAL Award recognizes schools who are working hard to create learning environments that promote health and wellness alongside academic excellence. These schools were recognized for engaging their school community in becoming a healthier school by Trustees and Senior Staff at the September 8 Board meeting.

Research shows that healthy students are better learners, and tend to more successful in school and as they grow up.

A healthy school community:

• Creates a culture wherein healthy living and student learning go hand in hand
• Looks to the entire school community to provide healthy living opportunities and reinforce positive health messages
• Considers student health in all school activities and decisions

To support this belief, and encourage schools to carefully examine the environment in which their students are learning, a local Healthy Schools award, the HEAL award, was created.

This year was the third year for distribution of HEAL awards to eligible schools.  All schools that receive the  HEAL award are also recognized provincial by the Ministry of Education as a healthy school.

A total of 28 elementary and secondary schools across the district received the award this year. First time winners receive a HEAL flag and a monetary amount to assist with healthy school initiatives, second and third time recipients a HEAL decal and a gift certificate for physical activity resources.