Limestone District School Board Recognizes Outstanding Service

Published on: 2010/11/17 - in Releases
Trustees of the Limestone District School Board (LDSB) recognized excellence in education as provided by staff at the regular Board meeting earlier this month.
Trustees honoured district support staff with the Barry C. O’Connor Excellence in Support Staff Award, and two teachers with the J.C. McLeod Excellence in Teaching Award. A reception was also held in their honour.
The Barry C. O’Connor Excellence in Support Staff Award recognizes and acknowledges the efforts of support staff in the following areas: Clerical and Secretarial, Custodial and Maintenance, Educational Services staff, Educational Assistants and Central Office staff.
Congratulations to the 2010 recipients:
Wynando Moore, Central Office Category
Stephanie Vivian, Transitions for Success East Program, Educational Services category
Tracey Maracle-York, Centreville PS, Educational Assistant Category
Mary Blower, Welborne Avenue PS, Clerical/Secretarial category
This annual award was named for Director of Education Barry C. O’Connor, who passionately dedicated his life towards providing young people with opportunities and pathways to a successful future, first in his role as a teacher, then as a principal, and as Director of Education for the former Frontenac County Board of Education, and the Limestone District School Board. Mrs. Marilyn O’Connor will be attending the Board meeting to present citations and certificates to the 2010 recipients.
The J.C. McLeod Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes the outstanding contribution of individual teachers to classroom instruction or the improvement of classroom instruction, over a number of years.
This year, Don Roblin, a teacher at Marysville Public School, and Brenda Scarlett, the department head of Social Science at Bayridge Secondary School were selected for this prestigious award, named for Mr. J.C. (Colin) McLeod, who was the Director of Education for the former Lennox and Addington County Board of Education from 1969 to 1983.
Don Roblin is revered by his students, his colleagues and the Marysville community, and rightfully so. He exhibits all the traits of an exemplary elementary teacher.
Don is a careful and conscientious teacher and planner, making sure that curriculum is covered, but also that students are engaged in deep and meaningful learning. His joy in interpreting and sharing various concepts is evident in Don’s classroom every day.
He is particularity adept at delivering an integrated curriculum based on hands-on, authentic learning. Most people know about the extra work Don does with building boats, paddles and taking big field trips in order to engage his students with their hands and their minds.
Don has high expectations of his students. As a result, they rise to meet the many challenges he had laid before them in class, and in the outdoor educational experiences he strives to make an integral part of their experience.
He is a compassionate teacher teacher with a strong commitment to differentiated learning and to meeting the needs of all his students. He serves as a role  model to all the students in the school as a beacon of kindness and caring.
Brenda Scarlett is an incredible individual who has made significant contributions to our educational system and to the personal growth, well being and success of all students.  Ms. Scarlett is the ultimate professional who works tirelessly in the classroom, in student governance and school leadership, in a host of clubs and extracurricular activities, social issues and spirit events to ensure students receive the ultimate educational experience.
Brenda is the ultimate role mode for her colleagues at Bayridge Secondary School and the Limestone district. She ‘pays forward’ her knowledge by meeting regularly with department members and staff from across the board to share best practices, as well as supporting incoming teachers at Queen’s Faculty of Education and Geography programs.
Although an intense commitment to the classroom, Brenda has devoted an equal number of hours to extracurricular events and activities at Bayridge SS. However, three areas stand out as being the main focus of Brenda’s passion — student leadership, character education and social justice issues. Brenda helps students to see how they can make both a local and globe difference for others.