Rob Hutchison City Councillor Running for Re-Election in King’s Town District

Published on: 2014/06/02 - in Releases

Rob Hutchison announced his intention last Friday to run for re-election as City Councillor in King’s Town District in the upcoming municipal election on October 27, 2014. King’s Town has expanded with the redrawing of district boundaries and is now bordered by Concession Street in the north and includes Battery Park in the south.

Hutchison cited the redevelopment of Artillery Park, the first express buses, and completing the first stage of the waterfront Heritage Trail as exciting developments in the current Council term.

“Working with citizen groups to start revitalizing Doug Fluhrer Park, Belle Park and the waterfront has been the most satisfying part of being the King’s Town councillor this past term,” said Hutchison, adding that “If re-elected, I hope to continue working with citizen initiatives.”

For Hutchison, the quality of life in our neighbourhoods is key to our future economic success. He states that, “I hope to continue to pursue the development of the North Block, the Davis Tannery lands and Williamsville. Done properly, with better transit and good public services, these developments can protect and enhance the neighbourhoods that border them. They will also be sources of City tax revenues.”

Hutchison emphasized the need to underpin our economic success with affordable housing, a vibrant downtown, brownfield rehabilitation and sustainable environmental practices within a culture where no one is left behind. He states that, “Business success is crucial but so is enhancing neighbourhood parks, opening community gardens, and developing cycling and walking trails. Together they will build a healthy community.”

Rob believes that to go forward Kingston must continue to develop a vision that builds on our numerous achievements. He looks forward to knocking on doors and re-connecting with King’s Town residents as well as meeting those new to the district.

For more information, visit Rob Hutchison’s website.


Release source: Elect Rob Hutchison | Photo source: Rob Hutchison’s website